Paul Giallorenzo
synthesizer, piano, found samples, computer
Thomas Mejer [Luzern]:
contrabass-saxophone, found samples, computer

The Arousal City
Creative Sources 084, 2007

1. Ouverture
4. Arousal City #2
6. Arousal City #3
7. Crystal

8. Arousal City #4

From Peter Margasak's Post No Bills, 6/27/07:
". . . Masul crafts subdued yet colorful electro-acoustic meditations, shuffling cycled melodic snippets, hovering drones, gently rippling noise, and all manner of sibilant breathiness (courtesy of Mejer’s whispery, unpitched
columns of air).
Giallorenzo is credited with piano, synthesizer, found samples, and computer, and it’s to Masul’s credit that the genesis of any given sound often remains hazy, both musicians managing to forge a rich entwined sound stream where the subtle interactions are clearly audible. . . ."
Thomas K. J. Mejer studied Saxophone with Urs Leimgruber (Jazz School Lucerne), Marcus Weiss (Konservatorium Luzerne) and Mick Green (Dartington College of Art, GB) and composition Vinko Globokar, Per Nørgard and Michael Finnissy (Sussex University). His compositions were a.o. played by Allegri Quartett, BBC Singers, Ny Dansk Saxofon Kvartett, Cambridge New Music Players, Vision Saxophon-Quartett, basel sinfonietta.
As a saxophonist, Mejer concentrated himself on the Contrabass-Saxophone and on ‚Bass’-Ensembles like KONTRA-Trio, Chicago Basses, TwoTubax, Nashi Dela etc. As an Improviser he played with Martin Schütz, Fredy Studer, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Keefe Jackson and many more.
Mejer received several prizes, a.o. Werkbeitrag 1993 and 1998 from town and city of Lucerne. 2004 studio space in Chicago from the Sister Cities Trust.
His compositions are published at Schweizerischen Musikedition. CD’s are available on earup, Leo Records, Mode Records and Tzadik.
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Originally from New York, Paul Giallorenzo is a Chicago-based improviser, composer, and sound designer playing piano, synthesizer, and electronics in a wide variety of groups and contexts, ranging from jazz and improvised music to electro-acoustic / noise. Current projects include the quintet Get in to Go Out, featuring Dave Rempis, Josh Berman, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly (482 music, 2009); Breakway (electro/acoustic improvising trio with electronicist Brian Labycz and drummer Marc Riordan); the synth pop duo The Telegraph Series with Allison Stanley, featuring cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm (Augmented Records, 2007); and a piano trio featuring Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Tim Daisy. Additionally, Paul is involved with ongoing collaborations with many members of the Chicago free music community including Jeb Bishop, Michael Zerang, Steve Hunt, Mars Williams, Josh Abrams, Rob Mazurek, Matt Lux, Charles Rumback, Jason Ajemian, Mike Reed, Jason Stein, as well as Swiss musicians Urs Leimgruber, Beat Unternährer, Hans-Peter Pfammatter, Lionel Friedli, Marie-Cécile Reber, Marc Unternährer, and Martin Baumgartner.

As a producer and arts organizer, Paul is a co-founder and director of the Elastic Arts Foundation (EAF), a non-profit arts organization that operates the experimental music and arts venue Elastic. Paul collaborates with artists and musicians from Chicago and beyond to present creative and independent performances.

He has twice been funded by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and has performed at the WNUR Chicago Sounds Jazzfest. Paul also is a faculty member of the Old Town School of Folk Music. Outside of Chicago, Paul has performed throughout the mid-west and eastern U.S.; in São Paulo, Brazil; and throughout Switzerland - including a 2008 artist-in-residency organized through the Chicago-Lucerne Sister City Committee.